I’ve covered science, health, education and much more. Here are a few samples…

Are You a Climate Culprit? – Open Mind

This story deconstructs the carbon calculator and its dark history. The calculator, however, isn’t bunk. This is still a good tool for people who want to live more environmentally friendly. The story offers tips for how to use it constructively.

Forbes health

Here you can find a bunch of stories I’ve written as a Forbes health contributor.


Here are several stories I wrote for Parade. I really like the one about the scientific reason “ghosting” hurts so much!

The Psychological Approach to Educating Kids – The Atlantic

This is a story I wrote for The Atlantic about social-emotional learning (SEL). Most people don’t know what that is, but it’s a growing and important phenom in education. SEL is essentially teaching children very early on how to be their own best friend – that is, how to be organized, regulate their emotions, take care of themselves and treat others just as well. Of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but those are the basics. I had the enormous privilege of hanging out with Keeth Matheny and his students at Austin High in Austin, Texas.

After meeting those kids and finishing the story I was convinced that the working with SEL had to be the highest calling. For a period of time, I really wanted to ditch writing and become an SEL researcher. Writers very often fall in love with the topics of their articles. I tell my college students that though you have to remain skeptical and not biased, you live with a topic for a chunk of time and it really does make sense that you get very into it.


Needless Complexity of Academic Writing – The Atlantic

My grad school thesis at University of Missouri-Columbia was the start of my obsession with academic writing. By the way, I was a much-delayed grad student (I finished the program in 2015). I had two young boys and worked all the way through the program, but it was worth it if for no other reason than to write this story:)


The Last One– Barrelhouse magazine

This is a personal essay about the loss of three of my siblings. Midwest Review also ran a companion essay I wrote about my sister’s son coming to live with me. I’m probably not done writing about this topic! I was honored that Barrelhouse editors nominated this essay for “Best of the Net.”


I’m Going to #MarchForOurLives Because, Honestly, How Can I Not? and then… The Students I Met at ‘March for Our Live’ Are the Change I Want to See

These are two blog posts for the non-profit Education Post. I went to the DC March only after a friend texted me saying she was putting a check in the mail for my airfare. The cause was always important to me but when someone is willing to put their money where their mouth is, that takes it up a level. I had to go. I’m heartened and humbled by what I see in kids right now.

These Stories of School Boards Behaving Badly Will Drive You Nuts

This is another Education Post piece. I had a brief tenure on a school board and I know that drove me a bit nuts. But this post is really about the school board in my area in Southern California and how much I appreciate our community newspaper for reporting on it.

Eight Books Every Woman Must Read

I was invited by Jafra Cosmetics to contribute to their online magazine. This is just one piece, but I almost never wrote about anything that had to do with cosmetics.  Everything I wrote focused on mindfulness, empowerment, psychology and other fun topics.  Plus they were usually also translated into Spanish, which I love!


Here are some of the other places my work has appeared:

American Health


Cooking Light



Fit Pregnancy

Family Circle


Good Housekeeping




Los Angeles Times

Times magazine

Men’s Fitness



Orange County Register





Spry Living/Parade



VIV (digital delivery)

Yoga Journal

Weight Watchers

Woman’s Day



Co-author, “Fearless Pregnancy: Wisdom and Reassurance from A Doctor, A Midwife and A Mom” (Fair Winds Press, 2004)

Contributor, Women’s Health Wisdom (Oxmoor House, 2002)